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Just a few notes on the Sale--While we try to ship within 48 hours, sometimes we do get behind, so thank you for your patience.
Sadly, sometimes inventory may be not up to date, so the first to order will receive the product.  If we do not have the fabric or item, you will be notified by email before shipping any of your order.  Please feel free to email us if you do not receive notification of shipping.  (On occasion our emails will go into your spam/junk account.)
We thank you so much for joining us and may you have a very wonderful day!

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Everyday it seems there are changes to be---
And the same is for our world -
effective immediately we have become an e-commerce business

New adventures are happening - and our thanks to all of our wonderful customers.
Thank you for letting us be part of your creations!  We are so excited to help you--
"Imagine, Create, Celebrate"!

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